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Welcome to Lyndhurst Primary School


Dear Parents/Carers,


In our school we aim to create an atmosphere of respect, trust and happiness, where each child feels secure, cared for and has a sense of belonging.


We also endeavour to have each child working to their full potential.  Children will be introduced to a wide variety of learning experiences.  We hope that each child’s journey through primary school will be a happy time for all the family, both in terms of educational development and the friendships which are made not only with other children but staff and parents as well.


At Lyndhurst School, parents are encouraged to come into school.  It is especially important for staff and parents to work closely together to discuss any difficulties, share problems and to assist in the development and progress of all children throughout their primary educational experience.


We welcome you and your family to Lyndhurst School and value your support in this exciting time of education for your child.


Kind Regards,


Nick Hammill.