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Picture 1 Class Teacher: Mr Sheffield



Don't miss Volga's online safety video. The class has created a fantastic resource to inform you about what can happen when you misuse the internet and social media.


Click here and and Stay Safe.

Swimming Class notes...


Lyndhurst's school swimming classes take place on Friday mornings at the Camberwell Leisure Centre. Look out for letters regarding swimming in your book bags.


Here are a few essential things you need to bring with you:

  • Swimming Hat: If you don't already have one, you can buy one from the School Office for £2.00. The leisure centre won't allow school children to swim without one.
  • Swimming Costume/Swimming Trunks: The leisure centre specifies that boys must wear trunks and not loose swim shorts.
  • A Towel: Stating the obvious? Sorry!
  • Goggles: These are ideal as children will be dipping their faces into the water a lot. They can be bought in advance from the swimming pool.
  • A plastic bag: To bring those soggy swimming things home in... we don't want your children's school bags to end up soaking wet by the end of the day!
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