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Spending Meeting Minutes - 28th Jan 2016

Hello All,


Please find enclosed the minutes from last week’s PTA Spending Meeting.


The date for the next PTA meeting is:


Thursday 17th March at 3.40pm at Ortus


Whether you were at the meeting or not, please do get in touch if you have thoughts on any of the issues mentioned, suggestions on how our PTA funds could be spent or have ideas for new fundraising and social events for the Spring and Summer terms! We’d love to hear from you.


Many thanks,

Emma Fung

Lyndhurst PTA Secretary

PTA Spending Meeting – Minutes - Thursday 28th January

PTA Spending Meeting – Minutes

Thursday 28th January


Committee member present: Charlotte Wright (Chair), Robert Hickson (Co-Treasurer), Trevor Canning (Co-Treasurer), Emma Fung (Secretary), Jola Nowakowska (Deputy Head)


The aim of this meeting was to approve the second part of the spending proposal remaining from the last PTA Spending round in June 2015 and discuss other ways of spending the money the PTA has raised.  The PTA has £15k in the bank following very successful Summer and Winter Fairs in 2015. £5k is always kept in reserve.


As always action points are highlighted in bold.


Items discussed:


1. The committee moved to approve the second part of the spending proposals left from the last PTA Spending round in June 2015 (items 1-3) in addition to new proposals (items 4-6). The proposals, details and amount are detailed below:



Proposed by


Who Benefits

Amount approved

1. School Trips

The School

Contribution to school trips, including the Year 6 residential trip.

All pupils




PLUS £2,000 for Yr6 trip (see note below**)

2. Class Fund

The School

This initiative was proposed by the PTA last year and supported by the school.  It  provides class teachers with a budget to enhance their class activities – eg. phonics  games, reception play items, cooking



All pupils


£50 per class


3. Class Christmas present



The School

To provide (usually) one present per class, for the class to enjoy together – for example a board game. The present would be used in the class throughout the year, not just at


All pupils


£30 per class


4. Defibrillator

The School

To provide an additional defibrillator (2 are required due to the size of the establishment): the school will fund the other one.




5. Radio Lyndhurst

The School

Additional computer equipment required for the radio station

All pupils





Robert Hickson proposed to pass all items; Trevor Canning seconded the proposal. All items were passed unanimously by those present. Total approved: £8,370.


2. Year 6 Trip

Picking up on the action point from the last PTA meeting on December 3rd, and the proposal put forward by year 6 parents that the PTA subsidise the School Journey each year, financial support of the School Trip was further discussed.  PTA Treasurer, Robert Hickson, confirmed that trip already receives £1,000 of PTA funding this year. 



(1) **Robert Hickson proposed that an additional £2,000 be given to the school from the PTA for the trip given the funds the PTA currently holds following successful Summer and Winter fairs. Trevor Canning seconded the proposal which was passed unanimously by those present.  PROPOSAL APPROVED. 


(2) Dedicated fundraising events to be held in Spring Term both by Year 6 pupils/families to raise additional funds for the school trip.  Ideas discussed included book/toy sales using unsold stock from the Winter Fair, sponsored swims/runs/etc by year 6 pupils, cakes sales, etc.  ACTION: YEAR 6 STAFF, PUPILS AND PARENTS TO ACTION


(3) Would a Travel Agent or other local business help sponsor some element of the trip? ACTION:PTA AND YEAR 6 PARENTS (OR ANYONE ELSE WITH CONTACTS!) TO MAKE ENQUIRIES.


3. Other funding proposals discussed


Mrs Nowakowska is waiting feedback from the phase leaders (early years, KS1 and KS2) to put forward any new proposals they have.  Other suggestions raised at the meeting from parents include:


  • Additional Minibus to allow full use to be made of playing fields at Dulwich College and to facilitate with transport for class trips. Would a local estate agent or other business be willing to sponsor this in return for branding on side?
  • All weather sports jackets for football team (£110)
  • Playground equipment: proposal that a dedicated fund be started to save for playground equipment that could be purchased and installed when the playground is resurfaced.  The Summer Fair could be specifically about raising funds for this.
  • After school clubs:


(1)  More clubs, in particular an art club. ACTION: call out for any parents who would be willing to help run this for 3-4 weeks at a time. Please contact Mrs Nowakowska with your availability and suggestions.


(2)  Subsidies to help with costs of after school clubs?


ACTION: Once all proposals are in we will have another PTA spending meeting later in the year to discuss.  Proposals are always welcome from parents and can be sent to the PTA for discussion at general PTA and future spending meetings later in the year.  

4. Other business


E-safety training

Request was made to Mrs Nowakowska for another e-safety training workshop for school pupils, teachers and pupils.  Suggestion made that the evening parent workshop could be recorded by the School Radio club and made available as a podcast for parents not able to attend.


ACTION: Mrs Nowakowska to reach out to last year’s workshop leader to run a similar course again for Lyndhurst


Class rep catch-up/coffee to be organized asap

ACTION: Charlotte and Emma to organize


Next PTA Meeting

Thursday 17th March at 3.40pm at Ortus