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PTA Minutes May 2017

Good evening all,.


Since the meeting, the inaugural Lyndhurst Family Walk took place on Saturday, 6th at 2017, which was a huge success - the sun shone and Lyndhurst's families arrived en masse eager to walk our local streets, discover some local history along the way and raise money for the school - around £225 profit. Huge thanks to Charlotte, Caroline and Yota for your superb organisation and an excellent handout. The quiz sheets will be on sale at the Summer Fair so you can do the walk in your own time and given its success, there is already talk of another family walk next year. Watch this space.


Meanwhile, the minutes from Wednesday 26th April are below...


Hello everyone,


Thanks for all who joined us for the Friends of Lyndhurst meeting yesterday. Below are the minutes - as always calls for action are in bold.


The main headlines are


As always, please send any comments our way. Please add these important dates into your diaries:


Next PTA meeting - Thursday 22nd June 9-10am


Summer Fair - Saturday 17th June 3-6pm




Emma Fung

Secretary, Friends of Lyndhurst


Friends of Lyndhurst (formerly PTA) Minutes – Wednesday 26th April


Committee attendees: Richard Leeming (Chair), Emma Fung (Secretary), Robert Hickson (Co-Treasurer),

Apologies: Trevor Canning (Co-Treasurer), Jola Nowakowska (Deputy Head)


1. Classlist

As discussed and agreed at the last FoL meeting, we are proposing that Lyndhurst parents start using Classlist to improve parent communications, replace the class email lists that the Class Reps currently try to maintain, and to be the main source of FoL communications.

The plan is to sign up current school parents during this summer term with the view to using Classlist fully by September 2017 and ensuring all new school parents sign up as a matter of course from September onwards.

For more information about Classlist see

It was discussed that Class Reps should play a large role in helping parents sign up.


- Emma & Richard, parent governor Jim North, and Mrs Nowakowska to meet to discuss safeguarding/roll out - meeting confirmed for Thursday 27th April.

- Emma to liaise with school about using school wi-fi to assist in setting up parents on Classlist during school events (e.g. summer fair).

- Ongoing discussion about whether their is an incentive for parents/classes to sign up



2. Summer Fair

The date has now been set for Saturday 17th June and the theme will be "festival" again.

Since it has been very successful for the last couple of markets, responsibilities and tasks will be divided per class, delegated or managed by the Class Rep. The list of tasks per Class Rep is attached,



- Call put out for musicians and DJs as we'd like there to be a big emphasis on live music. Anyone who would like to perform at the fair - or knows of local bands who may be interested - please drop the PTA email a note.

- At this stage in the planning, we really need a couple more parents who are willing to send some emails to donors for prizes (we have email/letter templates from past fairs, and a contact database). The financial success of our fairs is hugely dependent on the generosity of our donors and yet we do need to be proactive in contacting them. Any help - even if you only want to take on a small number of companies to contact, would be very helpful.



3. Sorting out the PTA shed

This needs to happen at least once a year, ideally ahead of the fair so we can maximise storage space for donations received ahead of the fair. Date of Wednesday 17th May set after school. Any parents who can lend a hand please meet in Mr Joyce's garden at 3.30pm. Reminders will be sent out nearer the time.



4. Lyndhurst Family Walk - Saturday 6th May

Flyers will be distributed in the book bags this week so do look out for them, as well as the posters around school. The walk will take place between 2-4pm at a cost of £3 for adults and £1 for children and will follow a detective trail around Camberwell starting and ending with tea and cake at St Giles Church. We look forward to seeing lots of you for this fun family event!

Action: school office to email flyer to all parents this week



5. Other fundraising/social events

Barn Dance - Sarah Quarmby and Stacey to coordinate investigating availability and costs of a caller and band with the view to organising this for June, after the Summer Fair and before the end of Summer Term. It will be a parent social event held in the evening.

Action: Sarah to report back on feasibility, costs and suggested dates.



6. Additional Spending Proposals

These 2 proposals arrived after the Spending Proposal meeting in March -



Proposed By


Who Benefits

Amount Approved

1. Wooden building blocks







Inclusion Team

For River Room






7. Proposed school seaside trip

Following the suggestion at the last FoL meeting that a school wide seaside trip be organised for the last inset day of the Summer Term, Sarah Quarmby researched costs of coaches that would be needed to ferry everyone to the seaside. Approx cost per head would be £10/adult, £5/chilld plus a subsidy from Friends of Lyndhurst in the region of around £1,000.

Due to the amount of subsidised funding required from FoL to make this accessible to the whole school community and that the school has not yet announced the date of the inset day, it was agreed to postpone this until the academic year 2017/18 so that families would have almost a full school year's notice to plan and budget.

Action: Sarah to shelve until September when costs, dates and likely take up of the proposal by the whole school community will be further researched. Many thanks to Sarah for doing all the research thus far.


8. School Cuts & Fair Funding for Schools campaign

Given the forthcoming General Election it was agreed to shelve activities here until the outcome of the election and how that will effect the current government's proposals, is known. Thanks to everyone who made their views heard by sending emails, letters and signing the petition during the consultation process.