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PTA Minutes - December 2016

Dear All,


Following last week's PTA meeting, please find enclosed the minutes.  As always, all items to be actioned are in bold type.


The PTA account is in a healthy state following the Winter Fair where we raised a very pleasing £5,000 (thank you to everyone!), and there will be a spending meeting in January.  If you have a proposal for how the funds could be spent and would like the idea to be discussed at the Spending Meeting, a spending proposal form should be completed and handed/emailed to us.  The form can be found online here: The PTA welcomes proposals from everyone. 


Enjoy the holidays and see you in the new year.



on behalf of Friends of Lyndhurst (PTA)




Friends of Lyndhurst (PTA) Minutes from Thursday 15th December

Committee members present: Robert Hickson (Co-Treasurer), Trevor Canning (Co-Treasurer), Emma Fung (Secretary)

Committee member apologies: Charlotte Wright (Chair), Mrs Nowakowksa (Deputy Head)



1. Treasurer's Report: 

Robert and Trevor presented the Treasurer's Report from the previous academic year. In summary, the balance at the end of 2015-2016 (pre Winter Fair takings) is £12,517.68. This gives profit over the year of £1,084.02 and points to another year of stability, good fund-raising and sensible spending leaving the account in a very healthy state.  The accounts will be audited within the next few weeks.

ACTION: Emma to publish the report.  UPDATE: the report has since been published on the noticeboard in the playground and is attached here. (* See below to read the Treasurers' Report.)


2. Round up of recent PTA Fundraising this term:

- Cake Sales: pre Winter Fair cake & raffle sale raised £230; October cake sale raised £123

- Xmas4Schools Christmas Cards/Mugs: raised approx £300 profit 

- Winter Fair: raised approx £5,000 profit

Thank you to all for your support.


4. Forthcoming social events and fundraising activities:

- Sponsored Walk: planned for Spring Term. Planning led by Charlotte, Carolyn and Yota

ACTION: to discuss and finalise date at next PTA meeting

- Quiz Night: proposed for 27th January.  Planning led by Jim North and Georgina Sowerby

ACTION: publicity re event and ticket sales to go out in January at start of new term. 

- Barn Dance: 

ACTION: to discuss and finalise date at next PTA meeting

- KS2 Punk Ball: February? TBC.  Planning led by Sarah Phillis

ACTION: Sarah to confirm date next term

- Tea Towels: end of Summer Term.  Planning led by Rachel Carey-Thomas

ACTION: ongoing research 

- Xmas4Schools Christmas Card Scheme: for Winter 2017

ACTION: sign up to scheme at end of Summer Term so artwork/order forms can be sent to school in September with artwork complete by October half-term.  Suggestion made that dedicated art workshops (maybe during Golden Time?) could be run by parents/local artists to assist children with their design. To discuss with school.


4. Spending suggestions in advance of January's Spending Meeting:

- Wooden Structure for playground

- More water fountains

- Sun/Weather shades for playground, especially reception area

- Forest School training for teachers and provision for children

- Sports Coaches and after school classes/clubs (football, cookery, dance, sports)

ACTION: all items and others proposed by staff and parents will be discussed at January's spending meeting.  The PTA welcomes proposals from all and the PTA Spending Proposal Form must be submitted dealing the nature of the request for funds ahead of the meeting.  The form can be downloaded here and on completion should be emailed to the PTA:


5. Classlist

Classlist is a free online tool that helps class reps and all parents share secure parent-to-parent messaging (re playdates, homework, lost sports kit/clothing, etc), school and local events, newsletters, announcements, and help build contact class lists, etc.   To find out more about Classlist visit

There was a discussion about what is expected of the class rep, how to improve communication at school, and what role the Governors can play in improving communication and addresses issues.

ACTION: We will trial Classlist in the new year, beginning with Waikato, to see if this helps improve communication between parents and the class rep and the school. 

ACTION: PTA will liaise with Governors as to how parents can best raise matters for discussion with them and what their powers are.


7. Parentpay

A school online payment system allowing for school trips, etc to be paid online will be raised with the school and discussed at the next PTA meeting. To find out more about Parentpay visit:

ACTION: to discuss with school and add to next meeting's agenda.


8. Any other business

- Dates for 2017 PTA meetings, including the Spending Meeting, will be published in the new year.


ACTION: Emma to circulate dates first week of new school term.

*Click here to read the Treasurers' report.