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PTA Minutes - 3rd Dec 2015

Hello All,


Apologies for the delay in sending out these minutes but the Winter Fair took over!


The dates for the PTA meetings in the Spring Term are:


Wednesday 27th January at 9.00am at Ortus

Thursday 17th March at 3.40pm at Ortus


Last meeting’s minutes are below. Whether you were at the meeting or not, please do get in touch if you have thoughts on any of the issues mentioned, would like to volunteer to help out at forthcoming fundraising and social events (see point 6 for some suggestions or let us know your ideas) or anything else at all! We’d love to hear from you.



Emma Fung

Lyndhurst PTA Secretary


PTA Meeting December 3rd

Meeting Minutes


Committee member present: Charlotte Wright (Chair), Robert Hickson (Co-Treasurer), Emma Fung (Secretary),

Committee member apologies: Trevor Canning (Co-Treasurer)


Actions/help needed shown in bold


1. The results of the PTA’s recent fundraising events were announced:

Cake/Raffle Sale number one made approx £230 profit

Quiz Night took in approx £390 (a loss of about £140, which is better than expected)
Cake/Raffle Sale number two made approx £160 profit (+£30 float which was kept for raffle ticket sales)


2. Winter Fair update

Still lack volunteers to help with some stalls on the day.

ACTION: Those present agreed to spread the word in the playground and try and rope in more people to help with Santa’s Grotto and food stalls in particular. In future, greater use of the class reps could be made.


3. Year Six Journey

A proposal put forward in advance of the meeting by Madga North that the PTA subsidise the School Journey each year was discussed. PTA Treasurer, Robert Hickson, confirmed that the PTA has already pledged this year £6,500 spread across two payments to part fund all school trips including the Year Six trip.

ACTION: (1) PTA to host a separate meeting in the new year to discuss funding of the year six trip (and other spending proposals for the second half of the year when the results of the Winter Fair are known).

(2) Suggestion that dedicated fundraising events could be held in Spring Term both by Year 6 pupils/families and the wider school community specifically to raise additional funds for the school trip. Ideas discussed included book/toy sales using unsold stock from the Winter Fair, sponsored swims/runs/etc by year 6 pupils, and some of the fundraising ideas listed in point 6 below.


4. Next PTA Event: Winter Concert, St Giles Church, December 14th

The PTA has been asked to provide refreshments (mulled wine, mince pies and juice) at the end of the concert.

ACTION: Rebecca Fox, Sophie Hayns, Emma Fielding, Liza Brett have volunteered. No further action needed.


5. Future PTA Meetings Spring Term

Spending meeting to be set with Mrs Nowakowska early in the new year.

ACTION: (1) Secretary, Emma Fung, to confirm date with Mrs Nowakowska. (2) Advance notice of spending proposals to be circulated to all parents by Treasurer and Secretary in advance of the meeting (3) Suggestion to invite the School Council, as the pupils’ representatives, to comment/vote on some items

Future PTA meeting dates for Spring Term to be set and circulated to all.

ACTION: Secretary, Emma Fung, to circulate dates before end of term [DONE: see dates above].


6. Other Business

a) Further fundraising/social ideas were discussed: (1) KS2 Punk Disco (2) Film Night (3) another Quiz Night (4) Strictly Ballroom Evening (5) Barn Dance (6) Made in Lyndhurst Reusable Shopping Bags

ACTION: Sarah Phillis to liaise with school about a suitable date for the KS2 Punk Disco. Other ideas to be further discussed at next meeting; volunteers are needed to step forward and help organise them.


b) Trevor Canning is offering to build at cost only a number of large items (like the Wheel of Fortune and Tombola prize stand) over the next 18 months where they can be road tested at the Summer and Winter Fairs before he leaves the school.

ACTION: Ideas to be submitted and discussed


c) Sarah Phillis would like to make an application for 11 x Waterproof coats at a cost of £10 each for the school football team.

ACTION: application form (found on website) to be submitted


d) Improvement of school communications & use of new website: To increase traffic to the new school website, where a lot of information can be found, it was proposed that the weekly school newsletter contain links to click through to relevant pages on the website. The football team would love more support at their matches (normally every other Saturday).

ACTION: 2016 fixture dates will be posted online and on the notice board once known. Website to be kept updated with school news and events and where possible links made between school newsletter and website.


The next PTA meeting will be on Wednesday 27th January at 9.00am at Ortus