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Year 5/6 Soccer Stars are Champs!

Lyndhurst's dynamic Year 5/6 Football Team won the final game of the season on Monday night, having already WON THE LEAGUE for the FIRST TIME EVER, in a nail-biting display of talent and tenacity at Rosendale Playing Fields on Saturday,16th June.


Monday night's game against Rosendale kept the team on their toes but in great spirits against Rosendale Primary School, on their home turf, but they walked away with a happy 4:2 win after a cracking season.


The game against Crown Lane Primary School on Saturday was was one of the most exciting in Lyndhurst's Football Team's history. The atmosphere on the pitch was riveting, helped in no small part, by Ali scoring in the first half and Zac's tremendous saves against their highly skilled opponents, all of which guaranteed the team's winning position on the leaderboard!


Thanks to Mr Hammill and Coach Jim North the team has responded to guidance with resounding resolve and unending nerve and verve to provide plentiful pitch perfect performances. 


Before Saturday's game Coach Jim praised the team saying: "What a year it's been! They are a very talented bunch, but I think what I'm most impressed with is how they've really developed a positive team spirit as the season's gone on. They've worked so hard all year, shown such determination, bravery and resilience. The fact they're now so close to getting the title is I'm sure down to teamwork and just because one of the team's family has promised to take them all out for ice cream if they win!"  


Huge thanks must go to Ryan, Michael and Patrick (especially for his 'header' training which came into play today!), for their unwavering sideline support. We must also thank the support from the sidelines, which included Year 6's Yohannah, who made her own way onto the pitch for Monday's game against Rosendale, debuting in fantastic style.


The Year 5/6 Football Team has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, previously under the auspices of Messrs Peddle and Grace. The strong foundations they laid have proven their worth! You can revisit some exciting moments from their time at the helm, here.


Who needs to watch the World Cup when you've got world class footie in your own back yard?


Thanks to you Lyndhurst FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME!