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Year 4's Viking Adventure

The long awaited Year 4 trip to York began amid a throng of excitement before school started on Tuesday, 13th March, when the children, parents and staff congregated in the Lower Hall for a headcount and some fond farewells.


The revellers had been raising funds for the trip since September 2017; events included the much lauded Pancake-Flipping Fundraiser on 7th February, where the school community chose their favourite pancake filling and mixture (gluten free was an enviable option) throughout the day, for a mere 50p.


The school party arrived in York safe and well and headed straight off for their first excursion into the beautiful city.


Thanks to Ms Savvides' and Mr Sheffield's culinary skills they are sampling the whole Nordic experience. They spent the evening trying out some Viking cookery, although we can confirm it was more Norse than horse (a Viking fave), and the key to the Mead cupboard was well hidden!


Why not click on the link below, to see some fab pictures from Year 4's time away.!AmDfbrdHF0DvhIMGYvK1SlKQFwkvfg