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Winter Fair Update: 3 weeks to go

Please see our latest Friends of Lyndhurst Newsletter, which includes a special update on our upcoming green-themed Winter Fair.


Dates for your diary:

Wednesday 15th November:  Craft Winter Fair meeting Ortus 9am

Thursday 16th November :     Spending Meeting School 3.40pm

Friday 24th November:           Monsters Ball - EY 4.30pm-5.30pm/KS1 6pm-7.30pm

Saturday 2nd December:        Winter Fair School 3-6pm


Spending Meeting:

A reminder that our first spending meeting for this academic year will be next Thursday, 16th November at 3.40pm. Please do come along to discuss the 5 proposals that have been suggested and cast your 


Spending Meeting:

vote. The proposals were circulated to the PTA mailing list earlier this week (please get in touch to receive the proposals again and/or be added to our mailing list) and are also displayed on the playground notice board. We hope to see many of you at the meeting.


Winter Fair:

Yes, it’s almost that time again! This year’s fair will have a recycling theme to support Ms Harwood’s fairly new recycling scheme and highlight the three Rs – Re-use, Recycle and Reduce – in a fun and engaging way. Here is the eye-catching artwork that parent Caroline Clark has designed for the fair that can now be seen on Hunter’s promotional boards around Camberwell. A big thanks to Caroline for the design and to Hunters for their continued support of the event.



Given the theme, we’re looking to make as much use as possible of donated and recyclable materials this year and would love you to start bringing in the following items:


· Wool jumpers with holes

· Brown paper bags

· Cloth shopping bags (the reusable shopping bags we all now have countless numbers of!)

· Adult and children’s books – good condition for sale on the book stall

· Children’s clothes – nearly new/good condition for sale on the clothes stall

· Unwanted gifts (any new items in good condition please) for the Tombola

· Unwanted small toys/party bag fillers – for Lucky Dip (rather than purchasing new plastic we would like all prizes to be donations this year please)

· Soft toys – for the Teddy Tombola


  1. donations can be dropped off in the school office. It would be super, super helpful to our organisation and given the limited storage space at school if you could bag items separately and label. If you are using reusable bags please label with your name and class and we’ll endeavour to return to you and any plastic bags will be reused! 


Made at Lyndhurst stall:


We are very keen to tap into Lyndhurst’s creative and talented community and offer a really vibrant Made at Lyndhurst stall this year stocked with handmade items from parents, grandparents, friends and pupils. Anything goes: from homemade Christmas cards and cute handmade toys, to Grandma’s best chutney preserve, if there is something you can make and contribute we will sell it on the stall. Zero waste presents and anything tapping into the recycling theme would be a fabulous addition this year – but really whatever your craft or skill, if it’s good enough that you would give it as a present then someone will buy it as one from this stall! To get pupils involved, Friends of Lyndhurst will be running “Green Time” craft clubs during Golden Time on Friday afternoons in the lead up to the fair, where pupils and parents can come together to make things for the stall and fun decorations for the fair. 


Also there will be a craft Winter Fair meeting at 9am on Wednesday 15th November at Ortus so please do pop along if you want to learn more about the Made at Lyndhurst stall and how you could contribute, get together with other parents to collectively make items, or can offer help with a school craft activity. A Craft WhatsApp group is being set up so if you’d like to be added to this please email your name and number to


Class Tasks for the fair:

It has become tradition for each class to take on a task for the school fair to help share the load and get as many people involved in the event as possible. Below are the class tasks for this fair. If you can help please get in touch with your class rep and let them know as they are now looking for volunteers to help in lots of different ways before before and on the day:





Danube – Nursery

Chrissy Evans + Elin Fuller

Donations of juice cartons

Thames – Reception

Time Partos + Fay Benson

Sustainable Secret Santa stall

Nile – Reception

Mary Paterson + Anna Cheun


Waikato – Yr 1

Kathryn Beatham

Lucky Dip + Teddy Tombola

Mekong – Yr 1

Carly Hamilton-Smith + Elin Fuller

Recycled tree decorations stall

Yarra – Yr 2

Minna Mia Holland

Hot Chocolate stall

Yangtze – Yr 2

Alice Groman + Tania Jones

Craft/Flowers + Mulled wine & beer

Amazon – Yr 3

Sarah Quarmby + Polly Ragoobar

Sourcing food donations

Ganges – Yr 3

Sarah Whitehead + Susi Lowndes + Rachel Blades

Books, clothes and toys stalls

Hudson – Yr 4

Ruth Ashby + Sophie Newell

Made in Lyndhurst stall

Rio Grande – Yr 4

Chrissy Evans

Recycled craft stall – felt ornaments

Volga – Yr 5

Debra Main

Tea & Cake stall

Orinoco – Yr 5

Sarah Phillis

Biscuit decorating stall

Zambezi – Yr 6



Mississippi – Yr 6

Tricia Tuttle

Running the food stalls


Please don’t be limited to your class task though – if you’d like to volunteer for something other than what your class has been delegated, do get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen. We are always in need of volunteers on the day across a range of stalls and tasks.


PS: ZAMBEZI… we are still in need of a class rep for your class!