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Vacancy: PTA Chair Opportunity

Hello everyone, 


I am writing to let you know of a great opportunity to be part of our Friends of Lyndhurst Committee.


I have been the Chair of the PTA/Friends of Lyndhurst for almost two years and feel that it is time for somebody else to have the chance to take on this role. It has been fabulous to work with the team in such a rewarding position, but the demands of three energetic boys and other interests mean that I need to now pass it onto someone new.


Having the opportunity to be so involved in the PTA has been wonderful - not least because I have met so many other parents whom I would otherwise not have met -  and I would encourage anybody who is even remotely interested to investigate a bit more and think about volunteering for this. I'm happy to talk to anyone directly about it so that you feel like you are making the right decision! In the meantime, if you're thinking of putting yourself forward then you should probably know a little bit about what being Chair entails, so here's a list of the main things that the Chair does:


  • provides leadership for the committee (i.e. ensuring dates for meetings are set, making sure there are always fundraising events in the pipeline)

  • sets the agenda for meetings, and run meetings according to that agenda

  • ensures that issues are properly debated, that all those present at meetings are allowed to have their say, and that any necessary agreements are reached

  • makes sure that there is a team of people set up to take responsibility for each fundraising event

  • attends Communication Working Group meetings once per term with Ms Nowakowska, Ms Bennett and Jim North (Governor). These are really interesting meetings that allow you to help shape how the school communicates with parents.


Oh, and if that isn't enough, you also get to work closely with our brilliant secretary Emma Fung and Co-Treasurers Robert Hickson and Trevor Canning. They truly are a delight to team up with and are largely responsible for how smoothly Friends of Lyndhurst works.
In terms of how much time you can expect to spend on the role, it really varies according to time of year. It's busier in the run-up to the fairs, and last week's quiz took a few hours of my time, but it's certainly something you can fit in around work if you are a working parent (although you would need to be able to make most of the meetings).
I would like to invite anyone who is interested in becoming Chair to either email me here or send a letter to me via the school office. The email/letter should detail why you would like to become Chair and what you think you will bring to the role. We will be having a meeting at 9am in Ortus on 3rd March when parents will have the opportunity to vote on who should become Chair (should there be more than one person putting themselves forward!). If you would like to be Chair but can't make that meeting, don't worry - your application will still be considered.
THANK YOU everyone. I look forward to seeing those applications rolling in!