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Sports Day Gold!

Mr Peddle got us all on our toes on Thursday, 30th June when the whole school and many parents and friends headed to Ruskin Park for our Sports Day! 


There were moments of mirth aplenty as our children sprinted, leapt, threw and bounced in a parade of fitness, egged (and spoon-raced) on by the throng of onlookers applauding our sporting heroes.


The Key Stage 2 fraternity were given an extra treat this year when, thanks to some spontaneous people power, the Teachers Race resumed! Miss Hawthorn sped to the finishing line quicker than you can say 'Go!'


Thank you to Mr Peddle for a great day, and his enthusiastic team of teachers who kept us safe and entertained throughout the day. Thanks too to you for coming along in support and, of course, our buoyant athletes.


On your marks... for next year!