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Safety first: Orinoco on Grove FM

If you haven't listened in for a while, Lyndhurst's own radio station, Grove FM, has some fantastic broadcasts for you to catch up on.


This week Orinoco class (Year 5) presents a broadcast about growing up, going home on your own, being a good friend and saving pocket money.


Find out how the children feel about walking to and from school on their own or with their families.


The class offer some good advice about staying safe, whilst being independent. They also give some good tips about crossing roads safely... 


There is also the opportunity to listen to some Playground Broadcasts; you can also discover who Nanny Pigeon is, thanks to a delightful broadcast from the children in Ganges and Amazon Class.


Volga Class made the first broadcast of 2018... find out some of their New Year's Resolutions!


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