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PTA's Easy way to raise money

You only have to look at our exciting PTA calendar to see how many events we hold throughout the year to raise money for the school and now, thanks to Easyfundraising, donations can be made to the school when you go shopping!


We have only recently joined Easyfundraising and many retailers are part of the scheme. If it is not something you are already aware of you can find out more by visiting our dedicated page at: 


Upcoming PTA Meetings - All Welcome!

If you are free on Thursday, 26th May at 9am, please join us at our next PTA Meeting at Ortus, straight after drop off.


Following that we have a meeting pre pick-up at Ortus, on Wednesday, 29th June at 2.30pm (the last one before our festival-themed Lyndstock Summer Fair on Saturday, 2nd July between 3pm and 6pm).


Have you checked out our dedicated PTA page, with all the up-to-date news and info? If not click here.