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PTA Spending Meeting Information

Dear All,


Thanks to all of you who came to the Spending Meeting  on 28th January. Please take a moment to visit our PTA pages to read the Spending Proposals that were made, in full, and see below. They were sent to everyone during the last spending round (June 2015).   


The spending proposals were split into two parts:

1. 50% of school trip spending (£3,250), curriculum performances (£1,500), golden time and wet play resources (£1,600) and literary resources (£1,140). Total: £7,490. This spending was approved in our June meeting.

2. Class fund (£800), class Christmas present (£480), defibrillator (£1100) and Radio Lyndhurst (£790) - This is the part that we need to approve in the next spending meeting on 28th Jan.


Since these spending proposals were drawn up last year, the PTA have more funds raised from the summer and winter fairs, etc. so Mrs Nowakowska is now asking the phase leaders (early years, KS1 and KS2) to put forward any new proposals they have. Once these are in we will have another PTA spending meeting later in the year to discuss.  Proposals are always welcome from parents and can either be sent to us before the 28th or at any other time for discussion at future spending meetings later in the year.  


At the last PTA meeting, we talked about whether/how to subsidise the year 6 trip further (it currently receives £1000 of PTA funds) and that issue is still up for debate and will be on the agenda again for next Thursday's meeting.


You can download the PTA Fund Application Form on the PTA dropdown page via the Community menu. Or here. 





Emma Fung

Lyndhurst PTA Secretary