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Parent Governor Elections: The Results

Dear Parents and Carers,


We can now announce the name of our new Parent Governor - he is none other than Jim North, who we welcome back into this role.


Please take a moment to read Jim's statement, which he wrote when he was standing for re-election: 



Hello I’m Jim and I’m standing for re-election as a parent governor. I currently have three children in the school: Wilkie in Year Six, Flo in Year Four and Ned in Year One.


I love being a parent at Lyndhurst and have enjoyed contributing to the school, as a governor, for the past four years. If I was to be re-elected I would like to focus on communication.


For the last year I was chair of the communications group, which looks at ways to improve how the school communicates with the school community. This was a need highlighted in the latest Ofsted report. I believe the school’s made good progress – re-launching the website, initiating an “introduction to the year” for parents to meet new teachers and phase leaders - but I think there’s more we need to do to engage with the whole school community. In the past we’ve trialled a governors' clinic, for governors to listen to parents’ thoughts or concerns. If I were to be re-elected, I would make that a regular event.


Outside of school I work as an actor, a producer and a director of a production company, but most days I can be found in the playground being told that I’ve brought rubbish snacks and that keeping hold of two gloves for a whole day is just not possible. Thanks for reading. 


At Lyndhurst Primary School we would like to thank everyone who voted for our four nominees. 


For more information about the role of our governors, please, read on:


The role of a governor

The governors work with the school to help it continue to progress. Where there are problems we also support the school through them.


Our key responsibilities are to:

  • think and work strategically to help raise standards

  • monitor and evaluate progress

  • approve the school’s budget and monitor how it is spent

  • support the head and staff, as well as challenge their expectations

  • account for the school’s performance and for the decisions made.


This is different from the day-to-day running of the school, which is our head teacher Mr Hammill’s responsibility.


We have high expectations of children’s standards of work and behaviour and want to provide a caring, challenging and stimulating environment where all children can progress and achieve.


We’re all volunteers and our posts last for four years.


What we don’t do

Although we work for the greater good of the school, our children, staff and parents, we’re unable to discuss individual child, parent or teacher problems.


What’s involved?

We have three full governing body meetings a year that all governors need to attend.


In addition, we choose which of three committees to take part in and influence their decisions: finance and personnel, premises, or curriculum and standards. These committees also meet once per term, usually at 6 pm on Wednesdays.


We have a collective responsibility. No power rests with individuals.


Jon Cooper.

Chair of the Governing Body


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