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New phone system rings our bell!

The school has installed a great new phone system, which we hope will improve communications for all. Here's how it works... 
Callers will be welcomed by the following message:
"Welcome to Lyndhurst Primary School, if you know the extension number you require, please dial it now... Alternatively, please press 1 to report a pupil absence leaving the name of your child (first and surname) and their class name (Amazon, etc)Press 2 for the After School/ Breakfast Club, or hold to speak with the Main School Office."

Please note: 

After pressing Option 1 (Pupil absence), it will say: "Sorry there’s no one to take your call, please leave a message."  

If reporting a pupil absence then please leave their name, class and reason for absence.


Don't forget: It’s important that you listen to the whole message and relay all of the information required.