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New PE Kit Policy

Dear Parent/Guardian,


We have just launched a new PE kit policy to take effect immediately. This has been done to ensure that the whole school follows the correct procedure and all children have the correct kit for PE lessons.


All children must bring in a full PE kit which they should not be worn to school.


The kit is to consist of shorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings, a t-shirt and sweatshirt/jumper and appropriate footwear (trainers or plimsolls). If the children do not have appropriate footwear they will not be able to take part in the lesson as it is not safe to do so. Boots of any kind are not considered appropriate footwear.


If your child has PE on Friday mornings they may come in to school wearing their kit, but they must have a set of clothes to change into once PE has finished.


If your child forgets their kit, the first and second time they will be allowed to take part in PE wearing a kit provided by the school. The school has 2 spare kits per year group, which will be handed out on a first come first served basis. If your child forgets their kit for a third time a phone call will be made to you asking the reason for this. The child will not be allowed to take part in the lesson, they will instead complete a PE worksheet based on the learning taking place.


If your child cannot take part in PE for any reason a letter or note must be provided by you; unless the child has a serious injury/illness they will be expected to take part. It is our expectation that if your child is well enough to come to school they are well enough to take part in PE.


Thank you very much for your support with this. We are committed to ensuring that all children in the school have a quality learning experience in PE.


Kind Regards,


Mr. Peddle

PE Co-ordinator


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