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Mr Hammill: The School's Future

Dear Parents/Carers
It has come to my attention that there are rumours circulating as to whether Lyndhurst Primary School is about to become part of a multi-academy trust. At this point in time that’s not the case, but the governors do wish to explore all possible options throughout this academic year. As such they received some training on the options at the end of last term. I myself am going to a conference on the matter later this month.
At the end of last term we were approached by parents of DKH School to see if we would consider entering some form of partnership, as some of the parents and governors were unhappy with their existing DKH arrangements. After a conversation with the local authority I was advised that the existing arrangements were to continue. Out of courtesy to the head teachers in both schools we left it at that. A soft federation of like-minded schools was already being entered into with our curriculum project and, as I said earlier, it is something being considered by the governing body.
The situation at present seems to indicate that all schools very soon will have to federate in some way to share expertise and reduce costs. From a personal point of view, I also think that we in our proximity to the ever expanding Kings College Hospital Trust are quite vulnerable and that we will be more secure if we were adjoined to a larger group of schools. In London generally, I think one form entry schools are very vulnerable.
What we are clear about is that we want to preserve the character and inclusive nature of our school and our commitment to a whole education remains unchanged. Ofsted are now looking at the breadth and depth of the curriculum as many schools driven by the performance tables have gone very narrow and deep in their curriculum offer. I’m pleased to say we have managed to resist that temptation.
The ideal scenario would be some sort of relationship with good local primary schools and a sought after secondary school which would help ease secondary transfer. In the coming months we will keep you informed as we gather information and will consult further with the wider school community. I would like to stress that all options will be considered including the status quo if the political landscape softens.
Yours sincerely
Nick Hammill