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Meet your Class Reps

Our Class Reps are an invaluable conduit of communication between the classroom and the home; a sort of support network. Parents volunteer their time to pass on news about upcoming school events, as well as listen to queries some parents may have, which they may like to pass on to teachers. 


Do expect be be nobbled by your Class Rep, in a friendly fashion, to ask for you to help out at certain times of the year - nudge, nudge! For example, the Winter Fair is coming up (3rd December) and any time you may have to either help on a stall, create some decorations or simply tidy up, is always welcome, be it ten minutes or ten hours!


Here is a list of our current Class Reps. We still need someone for Ganges, so if your child is in that class, please consider taking on the role (you can co-Class Rep to lighten the pretty light load).


CLASS REPS 2016/17


Nursery: Alice Groman


Thames: Carly Hamilton-Smith


Nile: Kathryn Beatham + Caroline Clark


Mekong: Minna Mia Holland


Waikato: Emma Fung + Tania Jones


Yarra: Sarah Whitehead + Ruth Galinsky


Yangtze: Sarah Quarmby + Polly Ragoobar


Amazon: Chrissy Evans + Emma Beamish


Ganges: Sophie Newell


Hudson: Ester Ortmann + Sarah Phillis


Rio Grande: Liza Brett


Volga: Ebere Nwokenna


Orinoco: Tricia Tuttle


Zambezi: Ruth Yeulett


Mississippi: Trevor Canning


Please dip in and out of our PTA pages throughout the term for the latest PTA updates, as well as a look back at previous events. Click here.