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Lyndstock Needs You!

Class Reps: It's time to rally the troops, as Lyndstock, our festival-themed Summer Fair draws ever closer. Yes - it is literally weeks away and takes place on Saturday, July 2nd at 3pm-6pm.


Now to make it the spectacle we have come to know and love, we need Volunteers to help - both in the lead up to the fair and on the day.


This is where the Class Reps, come into their own! They are great channels of communication, helping to bring the school community together to create one of the most exciting events in the school calendar.


Your Class Rep will soon get in touch to ask if you can help but PLEASE - IF YOU HAVE EVEN THE SMALLEST TIME (OR IDEAS) FOR THE FAIR, LET US KNOW!

(Either get in touch with your class rep directly or email the PTA at with how you could help with your class task.)  


You can also read our weekly PTA Newsletter to find out more about Lyndstock, chat to your Class Rep and keep an eye on the weekly PTA goings-on. To see this week's Newsletter, click here.


We love Caroline Clark's vibrant festival poster design - it's gro-o-o-vy man!


If you don't yet know who your Class Rep is, or what they are in charge of in the run-up to Lyndstock, see below.