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Lyndhurst makes music at the Proms

Peckham's Bold Tendencies Car Park hosted an amazing event this Summer: A performance of Kate Whitley's rousing piece I Am I Say, involving several students from Lyndhurst. Along with other children from the local community they formed the Multi-Story Youth Choir singing their hearts out as part of 2017's BBC3 Proms Season.


The programme, which was aired live on the radio on Saturday, 26th August and was conducted by Christopher Stark, also included Johan Sebastian Bach's Chorale Prelude 'Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme', BWV 645 and John Adams' 'Harmonielehre'.


It would be fair to say there was not a dry eye in the house; the intensity of the music chimed deliciously with the musicians' expertise and passion, bettering even the car park's outstanding view of our beautiful City. Now that's saying something!


You can listen to the performance of I Am I Say  here.


Multi-Story create exciting live classical music experiences performed by incredible musicians anywhere from car parks to schools to festivals. They started in 2011 when their partners Bold Tendencies welcomed them into their unbelievable disused car park space to perform Stravinsky's monumental Rite of Spring. 


Bold Tendencies is a not-for-profit creative enterprise and arts organisation that has been based in Peckham, since 2007 and is located on the disused top four floors of the municipal car park. 


We would like to thank Lyndhurst's Mr Chambers and Miss Saeed for accompanying the children this Summer, as they took part in three days of workshop rehearsals to ensure a flawless and thrilling experience was had by all. 


Lyndhurst has a long-standing relationship with both The Multi-Story Orchestra and Bold Tendencies, as Year 5's parents will discover as the school year progresses...


Enjoy tuning in and letting the music lead you into yet another exciting new School Year.