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IT'S A FIRST! Alumni Session for Yr 6

We are about to embark on our very first Alumni Session for our 2014/2015 Year 6 Leavers, and it is something we hope the whole year will enjoy.


It takes place at school on Wednesday, 11th November 2015, from 4.45pm until 6:30pm. 


The Alumni Session is a follow up session to the well-being and transition project we developed with Helen Blackburn, who designed the SEAL programme from which we get our themes of the week. Primary schools use this programme as a tool to develop emotional intelligence. At Lyndhurst we have themes that we work through for the whole year and they are already on the curriculum maps.  Most of you will have seen the theme of the week, which is introduced by Miss Nowakowska and is featured in the newsletter.


During the evening the children will enjoy refreshments,  take part in a range of activities and share their transition experiences.  


We are very excited about the alumni session as it is a first for us!