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International Evening Remembered

One of the most exciting annual events we hold at Lyndhurst Primary School.


Dear Lyndhurst Community!


We want to say a big THANK YOU to the Ebere and the School Staff for the most exciting, unifying experience, so far in the school calendar - the International Week and Evening 2015.


Not only did we tuck into some tasty treats, celebrating the wonderful diversity of our school but the children were immersed in learning about life in other countries, with a particular focus on “going to school” in those countries. 


While the staff all prepared a whole host of wonderful activities for the children to do during the week, Ebere's amazing organisational skills cemented the International Evening, held on 19th November 2015, into the global hall of fame! The atmosphere was electric. Who needs the National Grid when you have a community like ours coming together to tuck into some of the International foodie favourites donated by parents, carers and staff alike, relished from far flung shores but enjoyed much closer to home.


It is always one of the highlights of the evening and one of the best opportunities of tasting food you may never get a chance to taste. We have families from all over the world at Lyndhurst and sharing food from all these countries is one way of celebrating this and coming together! This year Harrison’s, our caterers, also provided some food which we feasted upon in our brand new dining hall.


With plates in our hands we watched as the children performed National dances, and sword fights and much, much more. As well as becoming a performance space, the Upper Hall also became an Art Gallery to rival The Tate. Our very own International Gallery, packed to the brim with artwork compiled by our creative children.


Why not take a look at some of the week-long activities the children enjoyed.


After seeing what delicious dishes your brought in on the evening, we would love you to contribute the recipes to our International Week Recipe Book, which we are compiling for the website.


Watch this space for a gallery of images taken on the night. If you took any yourself, please send them to us at and mark your subject box: International Evening Images for Website.


Thank you very much for your support and we look forward to tasting many delightful dishes - next year!