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Hudson got jazzy on the South Bank

Cool sounds resonated around the Royal Festival Hall (RFH) when Hudson Class stretched their vocals chords during a long awaited performance of Jazz on the South Bank.


They took part in the Southwark Primary Schools presentation of The Elements of Jazz, at The Clore Ballroom on Wednesday, 9th November, along with friends from other local primary schools including Bessemer Grange and Albion.


Under the artistic direction of inspirational Jazz Pianist, Composer and Animateur Pete Letanka (pictured), they performed their very own composition, called A Taste of Harmony, which melted the hearts of all those in the audience.


This is an annual event, which marks the culmination of six weeks work creating jazz music in Southwark primary schools. During the performance nearly 300 children and their teachers come together for the first time to share the music they have been making in a huge celebration of all things Jazz.


The event is part of the Southwark Music Service and South Music Hub and we look forward with great anticipation to next year's adventure into Jazz.