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How to communicate with Classlist

We are always trying to improve the channels of communication within our school community and one way that Friends of Lyndhurst (FoL) has started to do this is by introducing Classlist.


We would encourage you to download the app and sign up to Classlist here


Classlist is an online, secure platform that:


Allows parents to communicate more easily with each other and receive communications from the Friends of Lyndhurst

Is an easy way to create and respond to invites for class events, social get-togethers, fundraising events (community events created by Class Reps/FoL) and arrange playdates and birthday parties (private events created by parents).


How does Classlist work?


When you register with Classlist you will only see information about Lyndhurst. The data is unique to our school, only accessible to approved users and fully data protected. When registering, you can enter as much or as little contact information as you like - the bare minimum is your first name and your child’s first name for identification purposes. All of the features are completely free, situated in a secure environment that is fully data protection registered and in your control.


Why Classlist?


Having a strong school community is important for many reasons - and good, timely communication is a key part of that. Getting to know other school parents, arranging pick-ups and play dates, getting timely school communications and understanding the school calendar can at times be a hit and miss affair and your time at the school gate is fleeting.


Classlist can make your life easier, by helping to organise playdates, birthday parties, locating lost property, finding out class and/or school information.


Classlist will make it easier for class reps who have spent a lot of time chasing down parent details at the start of term, which could easily become out of date as new families joined the school. The FoL mailing list is out of date. This new online system will enable you as parent to be in control and input, manage and update the personal information you wish to share with your child’s school year group and Friends of Lyndhurst.


Sign up here - we promise it will only take two minutes:


You can also view this information at the Friends of Lyndhurst page, here.


Why not visit our dedicated Friends of Lyndhurst (FoL) pages on the website. To visit our overview page, click here.


Thank you!