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Help maintain our musical tradition

It seems a while ago now but back in the Summer holidays several children from Lyndhurst took part in the BBC Proms, thanks to the Multi-story Orchestra, in an event hosted by Peckham's Bold Tendencies. Now the orchestra needs your assistance to raise some vital funds.


The Multi-Story Orchestra has plans for many exciting ventures; they need as many votes as possible for the Aviva Community Fund Campaign, to try and win funding. To register and vote all you have to do is click here.


Lyndhurst has a strong, long-standing relationship with the Orchestra/Choir, as anyone with a child in Year 5 will be able to tell you, one which also involves our local community and we support them all the way.


For those of you who would like to look back at the Summer, here is a reminder: The children were involved in a performance of Kate Whitley's rousing piece I Am I Say, involving several students from the school. Along with other children from the local community they formed the Multi-Story Youth Choir singing their hearts out as part of 2017's BBC3 Proms Season.


To find out more, click here for our Music Department.