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Grove FM has a story to tell

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin... Grove FM, Lyndhurst's very own radio station, has a new Story Corner on its website, which the children and teachers will take part in over the coming months.


Storytelling has always played an important part in the school; not just during Book Week. Have you seen Mr Joyce's Storytelling Chair? This beautifully carved wooden throne was built in memory of one of Lyndhurst's beloved teachers and sits outside The Office whenever it is not being used to tell tales upon.


When you have a moment we highly recommend you tune into Grove FM's Story Corner where you can hear the following:


Key Stage 1 (Reception – Year 2)

George’s Marvellous Medicine  – The Marvellous Plan, by Roald Dahl – read by Ms Sawh with contributions by children in Yangtze Class (year 2).


Key Stage 2 (Year 3 – Year 6)

The Lion and Albert – a poem by Marriott Edgar read by Year 5 children. 


Don't forget that Grove FM is a mine of information; there are regular class broadcasts on a huge array of subjects which we can all enjoy. They're topical too - Volga Class shares its opinion on the US Election!  


 Happy listening!