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Glimpse our Lyndstock Gallery

Thank you to everyone who got in the festival spirit this Saturday, 2nd July, to celebrate Lyndstock, our school Summer Fair.


We also have to say a big Thank You to the Sunshine, which gave us a non-stop reason to feel the love of Lyndhurst - which was in abundance! (Next year give Glastonbury a miss and head to SE5!)


The PTA did us all proud, but the atmosphere was created by YOU - thank YOU!


With huge appreciation we want to thank our sponsors who supplied us with all of the treats you are now parading on your mantels and walls and bedrooms! We will shortly name and fame you all...


Don't miss the raft of amazing events we have still got lined up for you all to enjoy. Take a peek at our Calendar pages for more information. 


Now - if you've got a few moments, please take a look at our pics below. We will shortly be adding some to a Fair Gallery.


(If you have some pics you would like added, please send them to Sarah Phillis . Or via the PTA.)


Here's to an amazing Summer!