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Gardening Club needs YOU!

Do you know your kale from your carrots? Do you enjoy digging and weeding in sun, wind and rain? Can you explain the delights and brilliance of worms to children?


We are looking for a small group of parents to help with gardening and gardening club. Last year we received some gardening and science equipment from a charity which enabled us to put up some planters and grow more vegetables and plants than before.


We would love to keep gardening throughout the year but need some help.


As well as helping with the gardening club it would be great to get some more knowledge and enthusiasm so that we could plan ahead with our planting. If you are interested in helping please could you email me: or come and see me in the Nursery after school on Wednesday or Friday next week (16th/18th January).


You will need to complete a DBS form which the office can help you with. Once I have a list of parent’s names I will arrange a time when we can get together to chat about ideas and organising clubs and times. 


Thank you!


Ms Jarman.