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Friends of Lyndhurst Meeting: Wed, 26th April at 3.40pm in Ortus

The next Friends of Lyndhurst meeting is on Wednesday, 26th April after pick up at 3.40pm in Ortus.  On the agenda will be the Summer Fair now that the date has been set for Saturday 17th June, the upcoming Lyndhurst Family Walk on Saturday 6th May, additional  spending proposals and much more...


If you have items you would like to add to the current agenda (see attached), whether or not you can attend the meeting yourself, please email me by lunchtime on Wednesday.


As mentioned in the minutes from the last FoL meeting, we are still looking for a small group of parents to organise a proposed evening social Barn Dance for this Summer Term.  If you would be interested in organising this (finding a band and caller, ordering in the food and drink), please do get in touch. 


We look forward to seeing many of you in Ortus!


Friends of Lyndhurst Meeting Agenda

Wednesday 26th April

1. Classlist
2. Summer Fair - Saturday 17th June
3. Sorting out of the PTA shed
4. Lyndhurst Family Walk - Saturday 6th May 5. Other Fundraising / Social Events
6. Additional Spending Proposals
7. Proposed school seaside trip
8. Other Business