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Did you know? Calendar & Grove FM

We all know how awful it is if we miss a school event, especially if it's a class assembly or Playground Proms, where your youngsters are centre stage singing their hearts out!


Well, you never need to miss an event again, as it is possible to link our Calendar Dates to your own personal calendar by subscribing to the Lyndhurstweb calendar.


Have a look a this link, for more information: 


Of course, you can get the same information by logging on to Lyndhurstweb for our regular Calendar Dates and News updates, here.


Also, have you been tuning in to Grove FM recently?


Grove FM is Lyndhurst's very own radio station, run by the fantastic Ms Rojas. Rio Grande's Spring Broadcast focuses on the Vikings and Anglo Saxons, as well as Sounds and Internet Safety. 


Only recently our Radio Club interviewed Sharon Hodgson MP; Ms Hodgson is the 

Labour MP for Washington and Sunderland West, Shadow Public Health Minister and she chairs the all Party Parliamentary Group on Dyslexia and SpLD. In her interview she gave us feedback on the our Dyslexia Centre, thoughts of dyslexia and her first impressions of Radio Club. What an amazing opportunity. We hope you enjoy hearing your junior journalists speaking to our very special guest.