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Calling all Class Reps!

Hello all,


Thanks once again for stepping forward to be a class rep this year.


We would love your help with 2 upcoming Friends of Lyndhurst events.


The first is the Family Walk which takes place this Saturday 6th May between 2-4pm. Hopefully you will all have seen the eye-catching posters around school. As the office have not been able to put flyers in the book bags but opted instead to mention it in the school newsletter, we would love you to help spread the word amongst your class to ensure a great turnout.


The plan is for families to pick up the detective trail/route map from St Giles Church from 2pm onwards and follow the clues around Camberwell eventually ending up back at the church for tea and cake. I believe the walk will take around an hour, so can be started anytime after 2pm. As this is a fundraising event, there is a small entry fee payable on collecting the route map. Please do spread the word and help drum up support for this fun event - and hopefully we'll see you there too! Thank you!


The second event that we need your help with is next month's Summer Fair. As it worked so well dividing tasks by class for the Winter Fair, we'd love to run with this again. Looking back at the past couple of fairs, it has resulted in more people getting involved, in the way they wanted to and with more original ideas and we'd love to see more of that.


So, please see the list below of tasks we've allocated by class. Hopefully there are no great surprises and as I think I've just about managed to speak or email all of you personally by now to check you are happy with the task your class has been allocated. Please take a look and let me know if you have any comments or queries about the tasks you have (or want to change to another task). We can definitely give you more info about how the tasks have been organised for past fairs and can offer lots of support and advice along the way, though many of you are now the expert having done this task for a fair or two already!


The idea is not that you as reps do all the tasks, but that you are responsible for finding parents from your class to work together or with you as a team on the tasks!


We've only just over a month to go - the fair is on Saturday 17th June - so please do start recruiting parents from you class now. We'll publish the attached class task list in this week's school newsletter too so everyone in the school knows what their class is responsible for.


Lastly, we didn't allocate any class the responsibility of running the playground cake sales this year as have too many fair tasks to divvy up. We thought each year (so 2-4 class reps per sale) could take responsibility for running the playgroundcake sales throughout the year. We'd like to have another cake sale between now and the fair to begin selling raffle tickets, so if any year/rep would like to step forward to run the next sale that would be wonderful (super easy: just requires being at school around 3.15pm on day of sale to set up a couple of tables and pick up donated cakes from the office and then take the money during the sale. Robert as PTA treasurer provides a float and is often on hand to help out too).


Thanks so much all - do send any questions this way.


Emma. x

PLEASE NOTE: Keep an eye out for regular Summer Fair updates.


Nursery: Alice Groman Craft Stall – Festival Flowers - Source jam jars / flowers / lace & ribbons to decorate - Organise people to man the stall


Thames: Carly Hamilton-Smith Music and T-shirt Printing - Organise bands to play - Organise t-shirt printing - Organise people man the tshirt printing stall


Nile: Kathryn Beatham + Caroline Clark Teddy Tombola and Lucky Dip - Sort out donations for the teddy tombola; take them home to wash them before they are sold - Source small gifts for the Lucky Dip (e.g. pens, small toys), wrap them and create a Lucky Dip box - Organise people to man the stalls Mekong: Minna Mia Holland Festive Bags - Design and decorate bags - Organise people to help fill them - Organise people to man the stall


Waikato: Emma Fung + Tania Jones Drinks Stalls - Source all drink (pimms, cider, tea & coffee) - Organise people to man the 3 stalls


Yarra: Sarah Whitehead + Ruth Galinsky Toy & Book stalls - Sort out donations once they come into the school - Organise people to run the stalls on the day


Yangtze: Sarah Quarmby + Polly Ragoobar Food Stalls (with Orinoco)


Amazon: Chrissy Evans + Emma Beamish Publicity, Signs & Decoration - Organize a team to place A4 posters in local businesses / and doorstep with flyers and / or put posters on trees / railings etc. in public places - Contact Southwark Council to ensure posters are not taken down

- Organise people to put up stall signage on day of fair


Ganges: Sophie Newell Petting Farm - Welcome farm to school, help set up - Find volunteers to man the activity (take money, ensure hands are washed after, etc) on the day


Hudson: Ester Ortmann + Sarah Phillis Craft Stall – biscuit decorating - Source volunteer bakers to bake biscuits - Organise people to help on stall


Rio Grande: Liza Brett + Lucia Helenka Lucia: Photo Booth - Source booth & props - Run activity on the day Liza: Craft Stall (eg: Willow Crowns, Festival Hats??) - Source items for craft - Run craft on the day


Volga: Ebere Nwokenna Tombola - Set up tombola stall, putting tickets on each prize and equivalent tickets in the tombola drum - Organise people to run the tombola on the day

Zambezi: Ruth Yeulett Games stalls - Buzzer Game?? - Coconut Shy?? - Hook-A-Duck??


Orinoco: Tricia Tuttle Food Stalls (with Yangtze)


Mississippi: Trevor Canning Logistics / Lighting


Staff: Mrs Nowakowska & Staff Raffle