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Climb Aboard the Battle Bus Sept 2017

Picture 1 The project...
Picture 2 Discovering home truths
Picture 3
Picture 4 Leo and Milo search for their work...
Picture 5 Leo's found his illustrations!
Picture 6 Leo's pics, in detail.
Picture 7 Milo tells Archie all about it!
Picture 8 Jennika proudly stands by her pictures
Picture 9 Mmm, now, who drew the picture above, Milo?
Picture 10 Life on the Home Front was hard
Picture 11 Team creativity
Picture 12 Next Stop, Lyndhurst Primary School!
Picture 13 Hands on the Battle Bus
Picture 14 Wow, that's the ticket!
Picture 15 Can we all get on?
Picture 16 Learning to screen print...
Picture 17 Tell us more...
Picture 18 What a great result!