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Autumn Term 2016

Autumn/Winter Term 2016


Our new school year started well and children in Year 3 have had their first French lessons.  They are learnt to greet each other, and have talked about languages that they already speak, are learning, have a connection to or are interested in learning one day.  Now they are learning names of animals by listening to and helping to retell Cher Zoo.


Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 have picked up where they left off in the summer term and have demonstrated how much they remember from last year. 


Linguists of the week

Every week a child from Year 3, 4, 5 or 6 is awarded a golden ticket as Linguist of the Week.  So far this term, congratulations are due to Jahriq in Amazon (Year 3) for his thoughtful and creative start in language learning; to Frankie in Rio Grande (Year 4) for sharing her prior learning in a sensitive and helpful way; and to Ena in Zambezi (Year 6) for always approaching French creatively and enthusiastically.


Also, well done to Anthony in Volga who uses his skills as a bilingual speaker of English and Spanish to support his learning of a third language: French!


The final Linguist of the week for first half of Autumn Term was Ayisha in Zambezi class, who always challenges herself to use more complex vocabulary and grammar when writing or speaking French in class.  It’s always hard to choose, as so many of our children work so hard and display such talent for language learning.


Our super linguists in the second half of the autumn term were Ansel in Hudson, Nicolas and Freya in Ganges, Natasha, Dylan and Kate in Mississippi, and Ayo in Orinoco. Félicitations!



Children in Thames and Nile have been singing in French – if your child is in one of these classes why not ask them to sing ‘L’as tu vu?’ (a Christmas song) or ‘Violette’ (a counting song) to you?


Chansons en Français

And well done to the children in Year three for their beautiful rendition of Bonjour Petit Roi in the winter concert, as well as all of key stage two for performing ‘Patapan’.


And children in key stage 2 will be learning French songs for our winter concert this year; listen out for sweet sounds!