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12 Reasons to Celebrate...

What a fine start to the footie season!


The Football season got off to a cracking start as Lyndhurst Primary School's 2015/2016 footie squad poured onto the pitch and achieved a fantastic 12:0 win against Kingswood Primary School on Saturday, 3rd October.


The line-up for the match included: Molly, Jamie, Tristan, Anthony, Wilkie, Louis, Finn, Zakarya, Matthew and Milo (who beamed his way home after being named 'Man of the Match'). The team gelled with some fab foot-work and the goals just kept on coming.


Who knows what this amazing team had eaten for breakfast as they braved the chill, damp Dulwich morning? They roused their supporters with an entertaining display of skill, dexterity and team spirit!


Good-humoured goalkeeper Molly (pictured) showed patience, keeping a keen eye on the game in the hope of seeing some close-up action in the first match of the season, but it was not to be.


Despite the score, Kingswood were great opponents who took their defeat with good grace.


Thankfully, however, they didn't take away our team manager Mr Grace, who celebrated the first win of the season with the team's coach, Mr Peddle.


Why not join us at the next game where you'll see more members of the team in action, including Kymi, George, Fredy and Cyrus?


We'll let you know where and when that will be. Wrap up warm and bring great spirits with you for the next instalment from this season's superb squad.

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