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Welcome to Waikato!

We were thrilled to return and see you all after our exciting Summer and look forward to what this term has in store.

Why not spend a few moments looking below to see some of the things we got up to during the last school year! We will update these pages over the coming weeks. 


Here's to an amazing Autumn Term.

Our Superhero topic was very exciting!


In Literacy we read ‘Superkid’ and discussed what his super powers are. Then we used adjectives to describe Superkid’s costume. Finally the children designed their own superhero costume, using captions to label the different super powers that they would have. These designs were used to make superhero costumes.


In Maths we started to look at subtraction. The children learned about the vocabulary related to subtraction. They have been taking away objects in practical activities. We also began counting back using number tracks.


In phonics revised our Phase 3 sounds. We have also focused on the following sounds:


oa as in boat

long oo as in soon and short oo as in book

ar as in shark



  • Continue reading with your child. Please remember to sign the yellow card.
  • Practise counting forwards and backwards to 20..
  • Discuss the super powers of your child’s superhero, asking them to use adjectives to describe them.


Happy Learning!


The Year One Team

Welcome back after a fantastic Summer Term and break

To recap...

After Half Term we celebrated Science Week followed by our LYNDSTOCK Summer Fair,  we ran to our hearts delight during Sports Day, enjoyed our Class Assembly and sang to our heart's content during the Playground Proms! Revisit some of these exciting events by heading to our Gallery. Click here.

Science Week Newsletter



The children have had a very busy first week back after Half Term.


·         In Literacy the children wrote a fantastic recount of their half term holidays. It sounded like everyone had a great time!

·         In Maths this week we have been solving problems involving addition and subtraction.

·         In phonics we have been revising phase 5 sounds.

·         Both classes have been doing amazing work and activities for science week this week. Our work this week has been based on our scientist. The children also took part in a science workshop on Monday where they got to carry out a number of experiments.

·         Waikato Class have been learning all about Benjamin Franklin. We have been looking at all his wonderful inventions and experiments, in particular his lightning experiment.

·         Mekong Class have been learning all about Alexander Graham Bell. We have been learning about how sound travels and all about his life and works.




  • In Literacy we have been retelling stories using pictures and acting out different scenes.

  • In phonics we have been looking alternative sounds - ‘y’ as in yes, ‘y as in gym, ‘y’ as in happy and ‘y’ as in sky

and ‘ie’ as in pie and ‘ie’ as in chief.

  • In Maths we have been learning about doubling numbers in maths.


Many thanks for your continued support,


Mrs Sawh & Miss Keenan.

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