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Welcome to Thames!

We were thrilled to return and meet you all after our exciting Summer and look forward to what this term has in store.


Why not spend a few moments looking below to see some of the things we got up to during the last school year.


We will update these pages over the coming weeks. 


Here's to an amazing Autumn Term.


To recap...

After Half Term we celebrated Science Week followed by our LYNDSTOCK Summer Fair,  we ran to our hearts delight during Sports Day, enjoyed our Class Assembly and sang to our heart's content during the Playground Proms! Revisit some of these exciting events by heading to our Gallery. Click here.

How Eggs-citing

We were learning about birds and looked at different eggs - a huge ostrich egg and a tiny quails egg which we cracked open to look at the contents. We also ate some cooked quails eggs. We also made wings and tail feathers and had flying lessons after reading the Greek myth, "Daedalus and Icarus".

Cracking fun!

Cracking fun! 1
Cracking fun! 2
Cracking fun! 3
Cracking fun! 4
Cracking fun! 5
Cracking fun! 6
Cracking fun! 7
Cracking fun! 8

Humpty Dumpty...

One "egg" we were learning about was Humpty Dumpty. We found out that he was a character based on a cannon that was used in a war in England a long time ago. The cannon fell off the wall and all the Kings horses and all the Kings men couldn't out him together again. The King was beaten and for a while we had no King or Queen! We built our own Humpty Dumpty but he kept climbing into our roof. He wouldn't listen to our rules and one terrible morning we came into the playground and saw that he had had a terrible fall. We worked very hard at putting him together again but he was never the same again...

...Had a great fall!

...Had a great fall! 1
...Had a great fall! 2
...Had a great fall! 3
...Had a great fall! 4
...Had a great fall! 5
...Had a great fall! 6
...Had a great fall! 7
...Had a great fall! 8

Fun Day out to the Horniman Museum

Thames and Nile had a great trip to the Horniman Museum, we went to a dinosaur exhibition and also saw loads of other exciting things. It was a lovely day and we had great fun climbing in the park afterwards.

Prehistoric museum moments

Prehistoric museum moments 1
Prehistoric museum moments 2
Prehistoric museum moments 3
Prehistoric museum moments 4
Prehistoric museum moments 5
Prehistoric museum moments 6
Prehistoric museum moments 7
Prehistoric museum moments 8
Prehistoric museum moments 9

Chick Chat

Thames and Nile were very excited to have a batch of eggs in an incubator. Unfortunately, the chicks hatched at the weekend but Mrs Jarman filmed it so we watched it on the iPad. We were able to hold the chicks which was lovely. Mrs Handem from Nile class was very good at cleaning them out and put them in her small world farm while she cleaned the cage.

Pick of the Chick pics...

Pick of the Chick pics... 1
Pick of the Chick pics... 2
Pick of the Chick pics... 3
Pick of the Chick pics... 4
Pick of the Chick pics... 5
Pick of the Chick pics... 6

Science Week Newsletter

The knead for great team work when baking bread...


This term we have been burying ourselves in books and making some great discoveries while reading "Farmer Duck" and "Little Red Hen". We looked at pictures of farms from around the world, including a silkworm farm in Vietnam, goat herding in the Atlas Mountains, sheep farming in Australia and Cumbria, dairy farming in the Alps and huge wheat farms in the Americam Midwest.


The fun didn't stop there - we had a taste test and tried out many different breads and bread products - including a very peppery one hence some of their shocked faces!  We discovered how we had to work together as a team to make the butter as it needed constant shaking.

Thames goes in search of gold...  

We have been exploring a book called "How to Find Gold" and it involves a journey to the bottom of the ocean to find treasure - there are lots of sea monsters in the sea. In groups the children made, presented and wrote a fact file about their sea monsters.


We have made a "gallery" on the decked area. We also had the unexpected excitement of snow last week - we happened to be outside at the time and the children were extremely excited. We wrote some of their quotes on the black paper in the picture. I'm planning on sending quite a few photos - please let me know if this is Ok or whether it's a pain to have lots all at once!

Sea Monster Gallery

Sea Monster Gallery 1
Sea Monster Gallery 2
Sea Monster Gallery 3
Sea Monster Gallery 4
Sea Monster Gallery 5
Sea Monster Gallery 6
Sea Monster Gallery 7

Spring is in the air!

Thames class has been busy planting - sunflowers, runner beans and peas - we are planning a lot more! As well as planting sunflowers and runner beans in pots using soil we have tried a more cutting edge approach... Miss Toni, Miss Teresa, Miss Harper, Thames Class and Mrs J all prepared a zip lock plastic bag to grow a bean in.


We put damp, folded kitchen paper and but a single runner bean in it. We all chose different positions around the classroom to peg up our broad beans and waited to see what would happen... We also put one in a drawer to explore whether the bean would like that environment. Updates coming soon.


These pictures are of our sunflowers - although we planted them at the same time, they have grown at different rates. We have been exploring measure a lot recently so it was interesting to see which plants were taller and shorter. Mrs Jarman was worried the plants were getting the tall and thin and wouldn't stand up by themselves. Luckily, Ms Harper was able to teach us a new word - etiolated - (weakened, pale because of lack of light) which meant we decided to put our plants outside, hopefully they will grow stronger.


Next week we will (Nile and Thames) be making a bean salad and growing cress - Mrs J's love of sheep may mean it is slightly, sheepish....

Look what we've BEAN growing

Pets Week - we welcome Winnie!

A very special guest visited the classroom during Pets Week, in February. Mr Mr. Hennessy's labradoodle Winnie, brought a smile to everyone's face

Barking mad for our favourite hound...

Barking mad for our favourite hound... 1
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 2
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 3
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 4
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 5
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 6
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 7
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 8
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 9
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 10
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 11
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 12
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 13
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 14
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 15
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 16
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 17
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 18
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 19
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 20
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 21
Barking mad for our favourite hound... 22

Vet's Clinic

Our topic this half term is animals and we’ve had a role play vet clinic recently. Sadly there were a lot of sick animals but luckily Thames Class is blessed with lots of clever vets.


The children were able to use a lot of their skills; understanding of the world and science to diagnose and treat the animals, numeracy skills to measure and weigh animals and medicines and counting (heartbeats), literacy skills were needed to write prescriptions and fill in patient forms and of course, PSED (personal, social, emotional development) was needed as the animals needed a lot of tlc (tender loving care)


Belinda Jarman

Class Teacher

A visit to the Vet's Clinic

A visit to the Vet's Clinic 1
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 2
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 3
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 4
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 5
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 6
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 7
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 8
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 9
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 10
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 11
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 12
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 13
A visit to the Vet's Clinic 14

A Class Act: Mellow cello and big Band hopes


Sophie and her beautiful cello. We now plan to set up a Thames Class band. Lots of the children are going to be playing various instruments. We thought we might tour the world.


Miss Toni is going to be the manager, Miss Harper will look after catering and Mrs Jarman will do promotional material. And maybe play the triangle.

Sophie's Show and Tell

Sophie's Show and Tell 1
Sophie's Show and Tell 2

Looking back at the Yule


Who can forget our wonderful Thames Class Nativity - look at the children in their great costumes, as they prepared for the debut!

Thames Class: Nativity remembered

We had a great start to 2016 in Thames Class. The change in weather has given us the chance to have some icy fun as well as create some small farm worlds. Just look at these lovely pictures...

Icy Fun helped us warm up the chill in the air!

Now look at our Small Farm Worlds...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Thames Class was also very busy at the end of 2015. During the Autumn we foraged for leaves and created some beautiful pictures to celebrate the season. And was just some of the fun we had both in and out of class.


Have a look at our wonderful...

Witamy (Welcome) to International Week


This year Thames Class celebrated all things Polish for International Week, which took place between 16th to 20th November 2015. Together we read about The Golden Duck of Warsaw and created some beautiful images inspired by the story and the cultural country of Poland.


Pics from International day, children are wearing their national costume and some are wearing the colours of the Polish flag (red and white) as that was our country


Take a moment to have a look at some of these images:  

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