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Year 4's Flip-ing Fab Fundraiser

The pitter patter of drippy batter is only one reason why Pancake Day will be so brilliant this year, the other... Year 4 are using it as a great excuse for a fundraiser.


So, on Pancake Day, which takes place on Wednesday 7th February, all children will be encouraged to bring in 50p for a pancake. This will be all day and possibly for a little while after school too.


Gluten free pancakes will also be available.


We would like to feature your favourite fillings for pancakes in our recipe pages, Lyndhurst's Favourite Feasts, so please email them to us here and we will put them onto the website, with gusto. If you don't have access to email, please bring them into the School Office. Remember to write: Top Tips for Pancake Fillings on the page, along with your name and class.