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Meet your Class Reps

Getting to know your Lyndhurst Primary School's Class Reps will help you feel even more involved within the school community. 


Our Class Reps are a great conduit of communication and will occasionally chat to you in the playground, or by email, if you have given them your details, to let you know what events are coming up and to see if you can lend a helping hand at times. They don't only offer info about the school itself but can be a good source of general information. They can often help out putting parents in touch with each other, if some of you are having trouble finding childcare, for example. 


We are all there to help. Please see the list below and if you see a gap for a Class Rep for your child's class, please don't hesitate to put yourself forward. It is not a huge time commitment but it is unusually rewarding!


Class Reps


Nursery - Vicky Sweeting, Kathryn Beatham, Nina Knight, Lucy Brindle


Nile – Tania Jones, Minna Mia Holland

Thames – Emma Fung, Alice Groman


Mekong – Sarah Whitehead, Fadime Pala

Waikato – Sarah Quarmby, Rebecca Fox

Mersey -


Yangtze – Kate Duchene

Yarra – Chrissy Evans


Amazon – Jayne Davies, Sarah Phillis

Ganges – Liza Brett, Zsuzsanna Posta


Hudson Ebere Nwokenna

Rio Grande 


Volga – Emily Fielden



Orinoco – Sarah Phillis