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Letters for Translation

Welcome to our new Letters for Translation page, which will enable families with English as an Additional Language (EAL) access to School letters and Friends of Lyndhurst letters which are sent to parents and uploaded to the website in PDF format.


PDF letters do not automatically translate; we hope this new page will be of help to you. 


We will update it as and when we receive updates.

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Friends of Lyndhurst Newsletter - Friday, 8th June


Summer Fair Countdown… 3 weeks to go!


We are looking for volunteers to help with all aspects of the fair – raffle prize gathering, craft stall prep, biscuit and cake baking BEFORE the fair; setting up from 10am on the day of the fair; running or doing a shift on a stall DURING the fair; and being part of our clean up squad AFTER the fair. If you can help in any way, please do let us know!


And here’s another reminder of the class tasks for the fair. If you can help with your class’ specific task please do get in touch with your class rep and let them know as they are now looking for volunteers to help in lots of different ways both before and on the day. Thank you!





Danube – Nursery

Chrissy Evans + Elin Fuller

Toy stall (with Thames)

Thames – Reception

Time Partos + Fay Benson

Toy stall (with Thames)

Nile – Reception

Mary Paterson + Anna Cheun


Waikato – Y1

Kathryn Beatham

Milk Bottle Lucky Dip +

Teddy Tombola

Mekong – Y1

Carly Hamilton-Smith + Elin Fuller

Design your own t-shirt stall

Yarra – Y2

Minna Mia Holland

Ice Cream stall

Yangtze – Y2

Alice Groman + Tania Jones

Jam jar flower stall

Pimms & beer

Amazon – Y3

Sarah Quarmby + Polly Ragoobar

Sourcing food donations

Ganges – Y3

Sarah Whitehead + Susi Lowndes + Rachel Blades

Second hand books

Plastic free craft stalls

Hudson – Y4

Ruth Ashby + Sophie Newell

Vauxhall City Farm

Rio Grande – Y4

Chrissy Evans

Plastic free craft stalls

Volga – Y5



Orinoco – Y5

Sarah Phillis

Biscuit decorating stall

Zambezi – Y6



Mississippi – Y6

Tricia Tuttle

Staffing the food stalls



The office is open for fair donations now please:


Jam jars * Odd socks * Clean plastic milk bottles * Shells * Pebbles * Carrier bags (for making sea creatures) * Small plastic bottles * Ribbons * Buttons* Egg boxes




Nearly new clothes * Toys * Books & DVDs * Teddies * Tombola & Raffle prizes


Thank you!



Please do sign up to Classlist if you have not already to connect with other Lyndhurst families and receive FoL communications…

An ocean of thanks to Caroline Clark for her poster...

An ocean of thanks to Caroline Clark for her poster... 1

PTA Spending Proposals Information: June 2018


Hello all,


We have 2 pending spending approvals that need to be discussed, plus the upcoming Summer Fair to finalise, and so there will be a Friends of Lyndhurst meeting this week on Friday 15th June at 3.40pm in Ortus.


Please see the attached document for details of the two spending proposals.  Do please send any comments or questions our way and if you are in agreement with the proposals - which will be discussed and voted on at Friday's meeting - please do let us know by return of email, whether or not you can attend Friday's meeting.  Thank you.


Additionally, should you have any items you would like added to the meeting agenda please let me know by Friday lunchtime.


We look forward to seeing many of you at the meeting on Friday.





Emma Fung

Secretary - Friends of Lyndhurst 


The next Friends of Lyndhurst spending meeting will be on Friday 15thJune at 3.40pm. Below is a summary of two proposals that have been put forward for discussion at the meeting.


Proposed By



Who Benefits

Amount Requested

1. Science Week

Helena Savvides

Science Dome (£720)

Prizes for Competition (£50)

Rockets for the rocket launch day (£44)


To benefit the whole school



Year 6 Journey

Rachel Worrell

Year 6 journey to Allnatt Centre, Swanage, Dorset, from 9th-13th July.

Outward bound, mini-beast safari, den-building, body boarding, etc,

The overall cost is £18,000 of which FoL are being asked to make a contribution of £2,000.


A request for funds (approx. £50 per pupil) to help reduce the overall cost for all parents to supplement grants and parent contributions. The Year 6 trip is an integral part of the Lyndhurst life that gives all Year 6 pupils an end of primary school experience away from home.


Year 6 pupils



The total of spending proposals put forward in this round is £2,814.


Friends of Lyndhurst can afford both proposals, leaving enough in our account to fund the fair and leave untouched our required £3,500 contingency.