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Welcome to Hudson!

We were thrilled to return and see you all after our exciting Summer and look forward to what this term has in store.

Why not spend a few moments looking below to see some of the things we got up to during the last school year! We will update these pages over the coming weeks. 


Here's to an amazing Autumn Term.

Join Hudson Class in this fab event to celebrate the life of Rosa Parks. It's the result of our exciting Jazz Project.


Hudson Jazzes up the South Bank for Rosa Parks

Hudson Jazzes up the South Bank for Rosa Parks 1

Year 4s Science Outing to East Dulwich Charter


Earlier this year, there was excitement in the air as a group of six Year 4 students attended a Science Workshop at the East Dulwich Charter School,in Southampton Way, on Thursday 23rd March.


The Year 4 students included Abdulsalam, Sarah and Lui from Rio Grande Class and Ansel, Obina and Jolanda from Hudson Class. They joined the secondary school's current Year 7 science ambassadors for the workshop which included some excellent peer learning.


They took part in five experiments and had a wonderful afternoon. Look at the pictures below to see what fun they had. Visit our Rio Grande and Hudson Class Pages to see some videos from the afternoon.


Click here to see the gallery from this fabulous day out...

Sound Memories...

Cool sounds resonated around the Royal Festival Hall (RFH) when Hudson Class stretched their vocals chords during a long awaited performance of Jazz on the South Bank.


They took part in the Southwark Primary Schools presentation of The Elements of Jazz, at The Clore Ballroom on Wednesday, 9th November, along with friends from other local primary schools including Bessemer Grange and Albion.


Under the artistic direction of inspirational Jazz Pianist, Composer and Animateur Pete Letanka (pictured), they performed their very own composition, called A Taste of Harmony, which melted the hearts of all those in the audience.


This is an annual event, which marks the culmination of six weeks work creating jazz music in Southwark primary schools. During the performance nearly 300 children and their teachers come together for the first time to share the music they have been making in a huge celebration of all things Jazz.


The event is part of the Southwark Music Service and South Music Hub and we look forward with great anticipation to next year's adventure into Jazz.


Pete Letanka is a professional jazz pianist and composer. He graduated in 1997 with a starred 1st class BA (hons) and the Leeds University Armes award for the highest mark in the year. Since graduating he formed the Pete Letanka trio with bassist Andy Hamil and drummer Winston Clifford. The trio are active on the London jazz scene as well across the UK. Letanka has enjoyed performing at Ronnie Scotts, the Purcell Room and the Queen Elizabeth Hall. In 2005, he was signed to Zephyr Records (the award-winning jazz record label) who released his debut album, "Afrostocracy". In 1997, he began working for Children's Music Workshop. He has lead projects for the Royal Opera House, London Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Portrait Gallery. 


He also leads insets for teachers and music project leaders for Trinity College of Music, the Guildhall School of music and Spitalfields Festival. He is the music director of Glyndebourne Youth Opera and artistic director of Aldeburgh Music's Group A. 


Thank you to everyone who came along and joined the jazzy celebration!

Curriculum Map

Year 4 - 2016/2017

Please click on the Curriculum Map for Year 4, below, to find out what your child will be learning this school year, 2016/2017.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Dip 'n' Do is the way to go...

Hang on, is that really Homework?!


We've got a great new approach to Homework this year called Dip 'n' Do, whereby your child can choose from a selection of EIGHT homework subjects to do each half term. It is a really fun approach to working from home and will give the children some real choice. We have already found that the children want to engage with each other about it and with their parents and carers. It's exciting for us all. Here's how it works:


The children MUST complete the topics featured in the three coloured-in boxes but can choose which one, or all, of the other boxes they would also like to dip into and do.


The tasks do not have to be completed on a weekly basis but they must all be handed in by the first day back after Half Term, and we still recommend that they dip into their homework and do a bit each week, so that they're not suddenly cramming everything into the break.


If you've mislaid your Dip 'n' Do sheet, please ask your Teacher NOW!


Happy Dipping and Doing!

We recap our last Summer Term

After Half Term we celebrated Science Week followed by our LYNDSTOCK Summer Fair,  we ran to our hearts delight during Sports Day, enjoyed our Class Assembly and sang to our heart's content during the Playground Proms! Revisit some of these exciting events by heading to our Gallery. Click here.

Science Week Newsletter

Hudson and Rio Grande: Some of last year's work


Earlier this year in Numeracy, we began working on using partitioning to divide 2 digit numbers by one digit numbers. We also looked at the relationship between multiplication facts and division facts. We have reminded both classes that the more they know their multiplication tables, the faster they become at deriving their division facts. Please continue to practise these at home. 


Our unit on Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away” in Literacy has continued to excite and engage the children’s imagination! This week we looked at Chihiro, the main character, and the fascinating supporting cast of spirits. Each one of them has a unique appearance, personality and quality. The children then had an opportunity to create their own spirit which they will be using in their writing next week.


Our Topic consisted of a very interesting trip to the British Museum to see the mummies and Ancient Egyptian artefacts. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a great deal! A massive thanks to the parents that came along with us. We also looked at Hieroglyphics and used this fascinating written language to create our own messages to each other.


For Homework: We sent home some Hieroglyphic symbols for the children to create their own message with. Be as creative as you like. Some of the best ones will go on display!



We wish you well,
Miss Savvides and Mr Sheffield

Hudson and Rio Grande's Weekly Newsletter: 28th January 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,


Hudson and Rio Grande have had a very exciting week with new topics and practical lessons!


In numeracy, we have been learning about column multiplication, which gives us the ability to multiply large numbers by single digits very quickly. One thing we have noticed is that the children really need to practice their times tables, as the slow retrieval of things like 7x4 or 8x6 are slowing them down when they work. We will be sending home some times tables for the children to practice and will begin testing next week!



The children have been absolutely incredible with their enthusiasm for the new literacy topic for the next three weeks, Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away”, a Japanese animated movie from Studio Ghibli. We first began with learning about how questions deepen our understanding of what’s going on and hidden meanings, looking at similes and metaphors and how they increase the power of our description and put it together to create a diary entry from the perspective of Chihiro, the main character.


In topic this week, we had a deeper look at the discovery of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter in 1922, the excavation of the tomb and the treasures inside. We also had a very lively session learning about mummification – why and how they preserved the bodies of the pharaohs – as well as attempting to mummify the children in the class!


For homework: We are sending some copies of the times tables home for the children to practice. Next Friday, we will test on the 8x table – please practice with and test your children! The main homework activity is to choose something from the film to describe using similes and metaphors.



The trip to the British Museum is on TUESDAY, 2ND FEBRUARY – please ensure your child is here on time, as we have a set leaving time and need to leave as soon as we can to get a full day’s worth of learning done!

Whilst attendance is generally good, as you may have seen in the newsletter the lateness of children is becoming an increasing problem in Year 4. Children must be in school no later than 8.55am – this makes sure they don’t miss out on important information about the day or any learning that is taking place.


We hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Miss Savvides and Mr Sheffield


Beginning with the Video of the Week from our very own Newshounds!

Still image for this video

This week in Hudson, we were looking at Tutankhamun and how and why the Egyptians turned their pharaohs into mummies. We got so... wound up... in the topic that we turned some of the children in the class into mummies! Check out our attempts!

Mummy Dearest!

Mummy Dearest! 1
Mummy Dearest! 2
Mummy Dearest! 3
Mummy Dearest! 4
Mummy Dearest! 5
Mummy Dearest! 6
Mummy Dearest! 7
Mummy Dearest! 8
Mummy Dearest! 9
Mummy Dearest! 10
Mummy Dearest! 11
Mummy Dearest! 12
Mummy Dearest! 13
Mummy Dearest! 14
Mummy Dearest! 15
Mummy Dearest! 16
Mummy Dearest! 17
Mummy Dearest! 18
Mummy Dearest! 19
Mummy Dearest! 20

Hudson and Rio Grande's Weekly Newsletter: 22nd January 2016

Still image for this video

Dear Parents and Carers! We have now written our own fables, in Literacy, and are busy publishing these into our very own picture books. We are all very excited about seeing the results!


In Numeracy this week we practised our addition and subtraction methods using the column method. We then used and applied our skills to some very tricky word problems. The children also learnt a very cool trick of subtracting an amount from £10 or £20. Ask them to tell you what that was!


During our topic work, we learnt a little more about Tutankhamun. Using a variety of historical sources, we found out who discovered him, where he was discovered and what was inside the tomb with him. Very interesting stuff!


In Science this week, we investigated the best temperature to melt chocolate. We discovered that the hotter the temperature, the quicker the chocolate melted; the colder the temperature, the slower it melted. In fact, in the water with 0°, the chocolate began to harden. We also made some very interesting observations of what happened to the melted chocolate once it was placed back into the freezing water. Ask your child to explain what happened!


The Homework this week is practising solving subtraction problems using the column method practised in class. Please remind your child to ‘borrow’ if the number on top is smaller than the number below. Please ensure that your child returns their homework on Wednesday. Some children are missing the deadline!"


Let's look back to 2015 and Hudson's Christmas Jumperthon... 

Jumping through hoops for the Winter Fair 2015

Here are the children making their own Christmas jumpers for their Winter Fair hoop.


The children said: "We looked at the various patterns the Christmas Jumpers Mr Sheffield brought in had and then tried to recreate them by gluing strips of paper in the patterns onto the templates. As a class, we also pitched in to create two, much bigger, centrepiece jumpers. Ms Mehmeti even knitted a jumper for the hoop itself!"

Dressing Hudson's hoops in their winter warmers!

When in Rome... 

Find out more about Hudson's class topic, The Romans. Here's what the children had to say about it:


“This term in Hudson class our topic has been The Romans. We have looked at Roman mosaics, which were mainly used to decorate houses and keep them cool in the hot summer months. We designed our own mosaics to decorate our classroom (unfortunately they don’t keep it cool too!).”


Here are some of their colourful creations...

The more mosaics the merrier!

The more mosaics the merrier! 1
The more mosaics the merrier! 2
The more mosaics the merrier! 3
The more mosaics the merrier! 4
The more mosaics the merrier! 5
The more mosaics the merrier! 6
The more mosaics the merrier! 7
The more mosaics the merrier! 8
The more mosaics the merrier! 9
The more mosaics the merrier! 10

Hudson's Digestive System...


Mr Sheffield says:

“Earlier in the term, Hudson class were looking at the human body and the digestive system. We simulated the stomach by putting some bread into a ziplock bag with some orange juice (the stomach acid). We then replicated the stomach’s muscle contractions by massaging the mixture to see what happens to the food in our stomachs.“


Sick to our Stomachs!

Sinking our teeth into learning!

Hudson have been looking at the digestive system this term.


Mr Sheffield describes how the children discovered more about molars. He says: 

"We looked specifically at the very beginning of the process – what happens in our mouths! We learned about the various types of teeth in our mouths, why we have these different teeth and why our child teeth fall out and what they are replaced with. We then made 3D models of the teeth out of plasticine, labelling them and putting them on display for everyone to see!"

Take a bite out of this project!

Take a bite out of this project! 1
Take a bite out of this project! 2
Take a bite out of this project! 3
Take a bite out of this project! 4
Take a bite out of this project! 5
Take a bite out of this project! 6
Take a bite out of this project! 7
Take a bite out of this project! 8
Take a bite out of this project! 9
Take a bite out of this project! 10

Mr Sheffield will regularly add more exciting class news and creative Hudson Class creations to this page. 


Do you have any ideas? If so, let Mr Sheffield know.

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