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Achievement and Attainment

We have high expectations of children's standards of work and behaviour. We provide a caring, challenging and stimulating environment where all children can progress and achieve.


Our aims are for our children to:

  • Achieve high academic standards by developing each child's ability to its full potential.
  • Develop independant, self-confident and self-motivated children, who are actively involved in their learning.
  • Ensure children behave appropriately, show respect for others and take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Give children opportunities to express and explore their imaginative and creative skills and talents.
  • Promote partnership between staff, parents and children in creating a stimulating and attractive environment, which reflects high expectations.
  • Develop understanding, tolerance and respect for all people, regardless of their race, class, gender or religion.
  • Promote good health, hygiene and fitness for all children.


Together the staff, children, parents and governors work to build a secure, friendly and stimulating environment in which everyone thrives.

End of Key Stage stats for 2016-2018

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